Illness & Death
Illness & Death

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“Robbie’s expert advice is that of a skilled giver and sensitive recipient of care. Her truest goal is to assist caregivers, friends and clergy in our communities to best express their support and compassion when encountering illness and bereavement.”

Rabbi Robert Nosanchuk, Anshe Chesed Fairmont Temple, Cleveland, Ohio

Speaking of grief
Timing your sympathy notes
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When we learn there’s a death, we think it’s essential to respond immediately. Some folks rise to the occasion and quickly craft a heartfelt message. But if you need some time to do the job justice, take it. The bereaved get most attention in the early days and weeks, while they’re in shock and processing the loss, and most likely won’t remember much. It’s in the weeks and months ahead, when mourning takes place, that they might most appreciate a condolence note from you. Here are five strategies for preparing notes of sympathy:

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