Illness & Death
Illness & Death

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"I have used several of your publications for Stephen Ministry continuing education. I am finding all of them very practical and they are good reminders of the nuts and bolts of simply listening and not saying too much and when you say anything, making sure it’s helpful. Thanks again for this wonderful resource."

Rev. Gatlin, Associate Pastor, Covenant United Methodist Church, Dothan, AL

Speaking of grief
Let Your Sympathy Note Tell a Story
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Content ImageEveryone has a story. The friend that brought you soup when you had the flu, the co-worker who tried to help dry your shoes by putting them in the microwave, or the neighbor that attempted to push your car when it was stuck in the snow and got his car stuck too. We all know funny, charming, and caring tales about friends and loved ones and when it is time to write a sympathy note, it's these stories that are most appreciated.

HOW TO COMFORT - $3.95 to $6.95

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