Illness & Death
Illness & Death

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“Our local hospitals have very little training in the most important aspect of working with those who have lost a loved one; what to say during those times of loss. Your books are truly a fantastic resource and will be extremely valuable as we go out and conduct trainings. Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful book!”

Jennifer Marsh, MS, IMF, Community Programs Coordinator, The Elizabeth Hospice

Speaking of grief
No quick fix for grief
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There is no way around it; grief is painful. It’s hard to experience it yourself and it’s terribly difficult to watch someone you love go through it. But what’s the alternative?

You can’t medicate your grief; at some point you have to stop and the pain comes rushing back. Distractions do help; but if you are not grieving your loss, eventually distractions end and you are once again left with the pain. So what does work?

HOW TO COMFORT from $3.95 to $6.95

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